Drawing courtesy of Yazdi ’77

Musings are outputs of my periods of reflection, meditation and contemplation. Mostly serious thoughts that were once pushed aside to give way to more mundane things. Essentially, when something or someone inspires me, I end up with lots of thoughts that need sorting. These are basically the serious versions of LOL, this time I am thinking out loud (TOL).

I’m pretty sure I am not alone in this mind-mold. I thus invite other bugos who now have the time to ruminate and caress or pound his keyboard to send me their articles and together lets share them with the world. – Harlie

I will be compiling these musings here and below is my growing lists:


Love your planet!

I have outgrown this valentine craze already. But it does not mean there is nothing more to love (aside from our loved ones). In fact there is one thing we should love with all our hearts and with our mind – the Earth!


The Need for An Opposition

oppositioncartoonIt is safe to assume that majority of Filipinos would still prefer our country in its present form – a free democratic country, even if some are openly wishing to put an end to the vicious cycle of politicians milking our national coffers dry for their selfish ends. That being the case, it behooves upon everyone to painstakingly safeguard our freedoms and keep the flame of liberty burning even if we are so pissed off with the drawbacks of a rowdy democracy. The best way to keep this state is to keep the authorities in check via a vigilant citizenry and a lively opposition.


Can Science Prove the Existence of God?

lifeThere are at least two types of God people believe in: a personal God who intervenes in your life, listens and acts on your prayers; and the God of order, harmony, beauty and elegance – the Creator of the universe.


You must have memorized and internalized our plebe-favorite Desiderata. So today – perfectly timed with a rekindled online Corps Mag, I embark on writing its sequel via the easy millennial’s way – a collected wisdom from all over social media – rewritten to segue smoothly, including what seem as clichés.


How to Surf and Navigate the Netwaters Safely and Truthfully These Days

firewks1Let me share this most timely advise to netizens as we launch this online Corps Magazine. While we encourage you to like our pages and visit us more often, we admonish you to be more discerning and smart as you surf the rest of the web.