Of Words I Have Found

This is to share my search, my journeys, my experiences, my opinions, my truths. It is not my desire to offend nor to convince. Neither will I pontificate nor claim righteousness. In the market of ideas, the buyer decides the worthiness of a thesis. The seller can offer his heart, his mind and his soul. The reader makes the ultimate choice.
Words I Have Found.
 Dan Mel & Jim
I aim to share what I found with these posts below:

I, Too, Have a Dream


Rise, Philippines, Rise!

I hear the echoes crying for the sun
of dreams discarded by dreamers long gone
of ideals mutilated by greed and power’s lust
of bloodied heroism that no one cared for
of youth’s rotting idealism in exchange for daily living
of trust cuckolded by honorables and holy men.


 When did you grow old?

A few days before the new chapter would unfold. The new year was beckoning. The old one was not even looking back. We would mark our mortality with another wrinkle while defying time with toasts and happy wishes.



Unang yugto: Taong 1896…

Nagbabaga ang araro, ginagawang tabak
Tinutunaw ang medalyong krus upang maging tingga ng pagngangalit
Mabangis ang kalabaw-tamaraw ang ipinangalan
Sinambit ang pangalan ni Huwan ng lahing kayumanggi
ng walang bahid kabanalan ng huwad na mananakop