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by chay h.

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Got some sports articles here that will enlighten, entertain, enliven or enrage you. Each of these posts, I assure you, will have a story to tell.

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‘Game of Wrongs’


Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there lived a ruler by the name of Penoy Akin-na. Penoy was a reluctant ruler; who loved nothing more than to play make-believe hero with his video games.

What happens when this ruler sends his favorite basketball team to play in a barrio that he knows very little of?



‘Investing In Sports For Our Youth’

kids2pinstake“Teach us to make our play in every game, whether in mere sports or in life’s mightier struggles, one where our desire to win is second only to our love of the game itself, where we triumph as considerate victors or lose with grace and a determined will to win.”

These poignant lines from our Cadet Prayer aptly describes the way we must fight our battles, be they in the sports fields or in the arena of life itself. By teaching our kids these golden values, we give them a better chance for a better world.


‘The Dragons Bring Dignity and Hope for Our PWDs’ 

db8This April 28-30, paddlers from the military, the Coastguard and the police will be showcasing their talents in the first-ever Cebu Dragon Boat Fiesta. It is a good CMO effort, where our paddlers not only show excellence in the field of sports, but are also able to bond and develop friendships with fellow paddlers and the general public. By reaching out and sharing their knowledge and techniques in the sport, our soldiers are able to gain friends and allies beyond the sporting arena. 

From among the competing teams however, one team stands out. It is the PADS team which is composed of  amputees, paraplegics, polio survivors, people with congenital deformities, even the deaf and the blind. This is their story.


Walk Away 


  • by Buddy Resurreccion

Where is our pride? Where is our self-respect? Enough already. We have to tone down this overblown love affair with basketball. We need to develop other sports. We’re good in basketball — but only if we play against each other. We certainly have other sports where we can excel in.


‘The Agony and the Ecstasy’ in Philippine Sports’ 

corpssports2Philippine Sports is in a bind. Clearly, there is hope and great enthusiasm with the inroads made now by the new administration in the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC). The renewed interest in harnessing local talents through a reinvigorated grassroots development program is showing great promise. The recent creation of the Philippine Sports Institute (PSI) – to be replicated in select provinces to ensure that athletes with great potential are given proper attention – is creating high hopes for a better performance in the next Southeast Asian (SEA) Games. Athletes and sports fans are sitting up. Finally, things are moving for Philippine Sports.


The AFP/PNP/PCG as Catalysts in Philippine Sports.


The AFP, the PNP and the PCG can be more relevant to Philippine sports.  The uniformed services can help in a big way in resurrecting Philippine Sports. Let’s be reminded that, aside from war-fighting, we also have a support role to play in nation-building. What it needs is just a little more heart, a little more fire in the belly, to get things done.