Editorial #4 LOVE

16776055_10208054846798735_695591477_oLove is a four letter word.

Pain is no more unbearable if dealt by love. In the same vein, there is nothing more gratifying, more lasting, more life changing.

The Great Bard wrote, “it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. He can not be more right.

True lovers, those who will offer their lives, fortunes and honor, will profess that love goes beyond what is satisfying and temporary. That it is beyond scratching an itch or an orgasm lasting a few seconds. Love is one’s reason for being. Love is life’s passion. Love is what makes all the ugliness, all the suffering, all the inequalities, all the tortures of the mind, the body, and the spirit go through worth enduring. It is man’s ultimate salvation. One that will force a smile in the face of certain death.

Love. For a woman, a man, an idea, an advocacy, a friend, a life.

I have gone through the darkness of silence, the punishment of unspoken truths, of promises lost in time’s unstoppable onslaught. I have despaired and questioned and disbelieved. But love is greater than the greatest pain and the greatest lie.

I continue to live in testament to what love is and what love will be. If such can be my only legacy, I will be happy, I will be at peace.

Love is a four letter word. Nothing is more wonderful.