Editorial #3: The Donald and Duterte



And Humpty Dumpty plus all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, can not put them back together again.

These are men broken by their own frailties, fragmented by their own vanities, seduced by their own ideas. These are men despised for their crudeness, their foul language, their treatment of women, their pride, their boorishness and their incredible ego.

Yet, they are now presidents. Presidents who captivated their citizens by promises of order, of peace, of security, of true governance “by the people, of the people and for the people”.

Their victories were greeted not only by the usual congratulations. There were protests, indignation, disbelief and hatred. Just pure hatred.

Instead of wishing them well and wishing for their success, the detractors and their opponents wanted them out from day one. That to call them president was an abomination and an utter insult to the highest government office. An office once occupied by the most dignified and revered.

Do they deserve the presidency?

We look back in history and marvel at the leaders of nations. Kings, emperors, pharaohs, despots, dictators, presidents. They were just, benevolent, wise, ruthless, fascist, evil. What mattered was power and everybody kowtowed to their whims and demands. From the womanizing King David to the murderous Genghis Khan, from the unquenchable conqueror Alexander the great to the blitzkrieging maniac Hitler, from the brave and noble Lincoln to the “know-nothing” Aquino(mother or son, same difference), from the fiery Quezon to drama king Estrada, from scheming Aguinaldo to scheming Arroyo. Yes, the citizens have seen them all.

And so we go back to the double D: Duterte and the Donald. What right have they, what qualifications have they to merit to be presidents? Both are outsiders to the political mainstream. Both could care less about proper decorum and political correctness. Both run their mouths off. Both said they will do what they promised for which the people voted them for. Seven months into office,  Duterte followed through and is now pilloried and forsaken by the Church, the main stream media, the once political elite, the oligarchs, the civil society, by the human rights activists and the yellow minions. Unperturbed, he vowed time and again that he had staked his life, his honor and the presidency itself to pursue what he was voted for. Trump within one week has signed more than enough presidential executive orders to turn Washington DC upside down. The protests are getting louder.

The Donald and Duterte won the elections fair and square. It has been contended that “Vox Populi, Vox Dei“. Could all those people who voted for Duterte and the Donald be wrong? And what about those who did not vote for them?  Could they be right?

In our lives, we subscribe to little games and aim for fairness by establishing rules. In the more important aspects of our lives, we do the same. In a democracy, the majority wins, whether they are right or wrong. It is hoped though that the majority other than having the might would posses what is right. So by majority, Duterte and the Donald rule.

It is too early though to make a judgement on the righteousness or wrongness of choosing them. They may surprise us and themselves or just be truly despicable.

It is fervently hoped with our lives and futures hanging in the balance that the Donald and Duterte do right by the people. In our torment and discontent, we watch with eagle discernment and unforgiving verdict. If they turn out to be the people’s presidents, all is not only forgiven, they will be forgotten. They may even be loved.

After all, Humpty Dumty plus all the king’s horses and all the king’s men may not need to put the Donald and Duterte together again.