How do you solve a problem like Duterte?

Sing that song from the Sound of Music and substitute “Maria” with “Duterte”. Except for the “girl” and “curler” reference everything else seems appropriate. How indeed do you solve a problem like Duterte?

divider-2The Change That Matters

We like to talk about change. No, we like to shout about change. We like to shout to demand change. And so, with so much change going on in this world there is a lot of shouting. Loud shouting. Shrill shouting. Unfortunately, when you shout you do not hear anything. You do not hear anyone except yourself.


The Time Uncle Bobo Almost Graduated

Believe it or not. There was a time when they wanted Uncle Bobo to graduate and leave the Academy. No need to mention the year. No need to mention the names of those who wanted to get rid of our beloved caricature. It is suffice to say that they tried.