In winter’s warmth

In nature’s paradox and defiance,
man’s imposed Gregorian calendar
seemed worthless
As date and timetables are rendered useless
And man looks in awe and surrenders.

There is always beauty in the falling snow
Tickling the heart and making time
For wonders a day of isolation brings
And the cold ironically demanding warmth.

The flowers’ buds shrink like a guest too early
To a party long ago was announced
But is now suspended in crystal animation
And still the snow falls.

Hurry not to spring’s mating call
The birds and the bees can wait in patient slumber
While the roses bloom in heavenly white
Echoing the dreams of those yet to be born.

It is time for retrospection as the coffee brews
And songs echo the long ago of youth and promise
No words need to be said in silence fully understood
Desire will unveil what lies ahead.

So I retire in beauty only the eyes can appreciate
And I cuddle up to the warmth I am blessed
Disturb me not about tomorrow’s worries
Today in my world, time stops.


About danmeljim

Dan Jimenez was the Editor in Chief of The Corps Magazine from 1976 to 1977. After graduation, he never abandoned his ideas and continued writing. On October 1983, as a young Navy Lieutenant, he wrote an open letter addressed to Salvador Laurel who was then a leader of the opposition against President Marcos. It was published by almost all the dailies and earned for him the commendation of PMAAA, Inc. He immigrated to the US in 1986 but continued to write about the country of his birth. He has defended the Philippine Military Academy against claims of it being a Philippine Monetary Academy and a corrupt institution. Very recently, he posted commendation of Gen Bato de la Rosa and castigation of Senator Sonny Trillanes, which went viral. He continues to believe that "Ideas must reign supreme because personalities and individuals are as fleeting as the seasons." Always a plebe in his thinking, he will live by the adage: "The greatest failure is that never attempted."
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