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In winter’s warmth

In nature’s paradox and defiance, man’s imposed Gregorian calendar seemed worthless As date and timetables are rendered useless And man looks in awe and surrenders. There is always beauty in the falling snow Tickling the heart and making time For … Continue reading

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These I Remember

Bae and I were planting seeds. She was digging the hole, I was dropping two seeds per hole. Once I dropped three seeds and tried to recover the extra one. Then came the hoe almost severing my middle finger. I … Continue reading

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A Bright New Day for Philippine Sports

Finally! After an eternity of ineptitude and dismal performances, Philippine Sports is given a reprieve. For 13 years, Peping Cojuangco had ruled ruthlessly over Philippine Sports, tinkering with it the way he pleased, treating it the way a spoiled brat would abuse … Continue reading

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Carmaggedon at our Precious Destination

The words “bumper to bumper traffic” and “road congestion” have developed an affinity to places in the Philippines from the infamous EDSA, to Escario Street and Mango Avenue in Cebu City and Pozzorubio in Pangasinan. It has been extended now … Continue reading

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