Jurado Cup 2017

There are more to this than sports competitions and boodling to the max. It goes beyond the cheering, the kayahizing, the laughter. It goes beyond the passing of time and the obvious tolls of age, beyond what we can recall collectively and perhaps re-experience. It is what youth and idealism are all about.

It goes all the way back to Loakan. Fort del Pilar. Philippine Military Academy. That is where we all came from regardless of birth and circumstance. We are all son’s and daughters of PMA.

For two nights and three days, the former plebes of The Cadet Corps, Armed Forces of the Philippines, savored he camaraderie and fellowship reserved but for them. No rank is considered, no class is a barrier, no status is paid attention to. We are the Corps. Even blood mutes its significance.

The final tally showed the East Coast Renegades reclaiming the JC Cup from the Midwest Spartans. But to say some are going home as losers is not only wrong, it is an absolute denial of what transpired. There are no losers in the games we love. There are only winners when the pursuit goes beyond victory. Between “more than brothers”, the score is just a number. For how can one rejoice in a brother’s defeat?

Three days can not be enough but we will take what we are offered and look forward to JC 2018 and those that will come after. Our stint in PMA has been over a long time ago. But “where ever we maybe, o’er land or deep blue sea” or in far away foreign lands we now call home, we will surely “raise a song for Thee, Academy, Oh Hail to Thee”.

Yes, by trying our best and by enjoying each other’s company, we paid tribute to our Alma Mater. In the same way a mother’s children do. Without masks nor misgivings. Just pure and honest camaraderie.

Carry on, Cavaliers. My snappiest salute!


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About danmeljim

Dan Jimenez was the Editor in Chief of The Corps Magazine from 1976 to 1977. After graduation, he never abandoned his ideas and continued writing. On October 1983, as a young Navy Lieutenant, he wrote an open letter addressed to Salvador Laurel who was then a leader of the opposition against President Marcos. It was published by almost all the dailies and earned for him the commendation of PMAAA, Inc. He immigrated to the US in 1986 but continued to write about the country of his birth. He has defended the Philippine Military Academy against claims of it being a Philippine Monetary Academy and a corrupt institution. Very recently, he posted commendation of Gen Bato de la Rosa and castigation of Senator Sonny Trillanes, which went viral. He continues to believe that "Ideas must reign supreme because personalities and individuals are as fleeting as the seasons." Always a plebe in his thinking, he will live by the adage: "The greatest failure is that never attempted."
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