I am Sorry, Rizal

I am sorry, Rizal

Your birthday came and went
and nobody noticed.
So much for being the national hero when the nation does not even care.
I wonder if the youth even know you and what you said about
them being the hope of the motherland.
Are you still significant?
Do your thoughts still matter?
Are your books still a “must read”?
Is your martyrdom still to be emulated?
The country you died for is even more than divided
where leaders place their self-interests before the people’s
and getting rich and holding on to power until kingdom come
remain to be the top priority.

I am sorry, Rizal.

Dead heroes like you just belong to graveyards
where flowers can not even grow,
where birds can not sing,
and the sun never shine.

I am sorry, Rizal

Rest in peace in silence.
Memories are only for dinosaurs
and they like you are long gone.
The conquistadors have left
and what remained
are their native proteges
who not only surpassed their mentors
but held on tighter in a more rapacious reign.

I am sorry, Rizal.

You have done your part
even in a vain effort
for the country you loved
for the people you adored.
Let new heroes do their part
and offer their bests and their lives
like you did.
And if one day they invoke your name again
let such be for glory and gratitude.
One you truly deserve.

For now,
I am sorry, Rizal.



About danmeljim

Dan Jimenez was the Editor in Chief of The Corps Magazine from 1976 to 1977. After graduation, he never abandoned his ideas and continued writing. On October 1983, as a young Navy Lieutenant, he wrote an open letter addressed to Salvador Laurel who was then a leader of the opposition against President Marcos. It was published by almost all the dailies and earned for him the commendation of PMAAA, Inc. He immigrated to the US in 1986 but continued to write about the country of his birth. He has defended the Philippine Military Academy against claims of it being a Philippine Monetary Academy and a corrupt institution. Very recently, he posted commendation of Gen Bato de la Rosa and castigation of Senator Sonny Trillanes, which went viral. He continues to believe that "Ideas must reign supreme because personalities and individuals are as fleeting as the seasons." Always a plebe in his thinking, he will live by the adage: "The greatest failure is that never attempted."
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One Response to I am Sorry, Rizal

  1. Benjamin Libarnes says:

    The birth date of our national hero, Jose P. Rizal went almost unnoticed as people here were too occupied of the still unfinished Marawi siege by Muslim terrorist groups and the recent announcement of PRRD on the possibility of having a civil war in the Mindanao, if these Muslim terrorist groups and their support organization will continue to perpetuate their depredations and the civilian Christian population will retaliate, since there is a tremendous proliferation of loose high powered firearms in the possession of the Mindanao population.


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