On Good Friday

On Good Friday,
I will listen to the silence
to the still wind, the still trees, the still sun.

On Good Friday,
I will amplify the echoes of youth and rituals
finding meanings in lost incantations
in dialects long suppressed.

On Good Friday,
I will watch the peacefulness of the fields of grass
as they pay homage to the miracle of two thousand years
hoping my heart will take heed and betray my sins.

On Good Friday,
I will remember the dead and those I miss
justifying time’s aberration
and that life is a continuing cycle of birth and death.

On Good Friday,
I will seek forgiveness, undeserving I may be
from those I hurt and offended and disregarded
promising nothing but the faithful struggle to be better.

On Good Friday,
I will pray for deliverance, for those I love the most,
for peace and the end of wars, for humanity to comeback.

On Good Friday,
I will thank Jesus for dying on the cross in my behalf
believing that I am worth His sacrifice
because He said so.

On Good Friday,
I will not know the meaning of life
nor fathom the unknown in death
nor find answers to all the questions
yet I will believe and will find salvation
because He died
and will rise again!

On Good Friday.


About danmeljim

Dan Jimenez was the Editor in Chief of The Corps Magazine from 1976 to 1977. After graduation, he never abandoned his ideas and continued writing. On October 1983, as a young Navy Lieutenant, he wrote an open letter addressed to Salvador Laurel who was then a leader of the opposition against President Marcos. It was published by almost all the dailies and earned for him the commendation of PMAAA, Inc. He immigrated to the US in 1986 but continued to write about the country of his birth. He has defended the Philippine Military Academy against claims of it being a Philippine Monetary Academy and a corrupt institution. Very recently, he posted commendation of Gen Bato de la Rosa and castigation of Senator Sonny Trillanes, which went viral. He continues to believe that "Ideas must reign supreme because personalities and individuals are as fleeting as the seasons." Always a plebe in his thinking, he will live by the adage: "The greatest failure is that never attempted."
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