Seasons, Cycles and Summer

Summer is finally here. Preparations are under way for the annual Southern Cruise – which by the way, will now be using two PAF C 130’s instead of Navy ships. How’s that for modernization?

The Cebu Squad is now coordinating with CentCom to prepare for assisting the Class of 2019 for their brief visit to Cebu City.

The new graduates/officers are enjoying their brief lull before reporting for basic training in their respective branches of service training centers.

The Academy is inundated with tourists and visitors once again, and you hear the ever familiar “Cadet, cadet…pa picture sana kami, kasama ka”.

In this age of selfies and smart phones, it’s more time consuming then ever. It’s not just one pose, but a series of poses – because one group usually has at least two smart phones.

You get the picture.

This can actually extend to unscheduled “escorting” around the Academy grounds until the cadet is threatened with a report for “escorting in improper uniform” and has to return to barracks to change into privilege uniform (dress gray pants) or stay there – because he is not authorized to do any escorting due to deficiencies.

But now, before that happens, there’s a quick exchange of mobile phone numbers.

The new connectivity.

And yes, last April 1, the Class of 2021 was formally received for Summer Camp training at the Borromeo Field.

A whole new season and cycle has just begun. Again.

Class 2021 Summer Camp

(Photo courtesy of 2Lt Rinze Marrion Eviota of Class 2017, AOC, HTG, PMA)

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2 Responses to Seasons, Cycles and Summer

  1. ponswa says:

    Sir Dan: the only reason why this whacko would repeat that is because I know exactly what to do. As your mistah said: the way to survive plebe year is to make sure you know how to make your upperclass rot! Hihihihihi!


  2. danmeljim says:

    Ah, the cycles. Unending. Unbroken. Unyielding. In our old age, we become philosophers and look at what we’ve taken for granted and wish we can do things over again. Except plebehood. Only a certified whacko will repeat that.


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