Love your planet!

I have outgrown this valentine craze already. But it does not mean there is nothing more to love (aside from our loved ones). In fact there is one thing we should love with all our hearts and with our mind – the Earth!

The internet was recently abuzz about the wonderful and brave act of the secretary of the DENR in closing those brazen mining companies who obviously fell short in taking care of the environment given to them to take care. The brown water tailings that were freely flowing into the rivers and to the coastal seas were a sordid sight as viewed from the air. It obviously was so destructive of our earth.

I personally was aghast at the sight of silted rivers and discolored coastal seas. These were obvious proof that those mines up river were guilty of mismanagement regardless of whatever explanation they may have. This time, we can throw away due process. Here is the stinking bomb of a video that requires no further caption.

I will not go into the wisdom of closing those mines except to mention that while there are a few people benefiting from these mines, it does not take a rocket scientist to see that they are fewer compared to the scores of people being inconvenienced and disadvantaged by the destruction they caused. I want instead to focus on the need to take care of our environment because when we take care of the environment, we take care of the planet earth.

And why should we take care of our planet? Environmentalists list a lot of reasons why we should take care of the planet like “It also takes care of us”, “It’s the only home we have.” It provides us with food and water that keep us alive.” “It gives us a place to run and play.” “ It is a living being that must be cared for” etc. Again, I will not go into them and instead list down my more exotic, subtle and deeper reasons.

The earth seems the only habitable planet that we currently know. If there are any, it is still not within our capability to travel there. Maybe in another hundred years we may develop the capability to transport people to colonize other planets like in the movie Passengers.

Have we ever wondered why despite the so many other habitable planets or moons here in our own solar system yet we seem to be the only one with intelligent life? Mars is relatively nearby and could be easy to colonize but unfortunately, it cannot support our kind of life for now. It will still take hundreds of years to terraform it. There seems indeed a reason to believe that our earth is a special place in the entire universe. There is this movie that depicted a visit of some extraterrestrials who reminded us that we are but stewards of this planet and we do not own it. They claim that they are the appointed caretakers of a few habitable planets in the universe and their task is to ensure that these planets are kept healthy and free from threats of destruction. Our planet earth is one of these beautiful planets where intelligent life can thrive without much difficulty. When humans have become so destructive, a messenger was sent to warn them that if they will not change – they will be destroyed in order to save earth. The ending is the most poignant message : man is willing to change only when they are at the precipice or at the verge of being totally annihilated. Unless threatened of extinction, men will be selfish and are ready to kill each other.

These movie lines may be fictional but there is something to it that make it really resonate with me. True or not, we really should take care of our planet. No one owns it and we are simply stewards to care for it for the next generations. The earth is truly a living thing. It can get wounded and can heal. If the wound is great, it could die long before it is supposed to meet its destined end together with the rest of the solar system. And it would be such a tragedy that instead of moving up to our next level of civilization, we bring our earth with us to our demise.


So instead of that bleak scene, why don’t we just love earth, care for it, keep it healthy so that it keeps us living prosperously in turn.

Happy Valentines to one and all!



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I got to be true to myself so I got to do what I have to do.
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