Stirring December

December has a way of stirring emotions.

The end of the year brings about a sense of surprise: trying to figure out how we got here when it was just the start of another year just a few yesterdays ago. And now, here we are – coping once again with the merciless traffic, countless year end get togethers, groaning tables and for a few brief stretches – nips of chillier temperatures.


Almost sweater weather evokes memories of a phase in our lives that were spent in extremely unusual circumstances – involving uniforms, marching to meals, drills, escapades within walls that we knew as barracks and the cold nights of what was, and continues to be today – a precious destination.

In truth and in our minds.

There’s something about walking around the well manicured spaces of Fort Del Pilar that stirs the aspirations in our souls once again – to remain true to what is right, what is ideal and what is noble.

All those that trod on the sacred grounds of Borromeo field attest to the quiet, yet strong compulsion to refresh the ideals that we used to hold sacred – despite the scars of the realities that left gaping wounds inflicted within our souls through the ravages of time and unintended history.

Perhaps this is one of those reasons why such brilliant ideas crop up during December. When we have less to do immediately, and when we have the opportunity to connive – mostly online, as with this case.

I express my gratefulness to my good upperclassmen and underclassmen for this initiative – to compile a few thoughts to share to the men and women of the ranks of the former Cadet Corps – and enjoy reading their thoughts as well.

Let it be a long standing tradition as well – to read the CorpsMag online. Truly, a brilliant idea whose time should have come earlier.

But no matter. It’s here. And let’s hope it will stay.

Attention call has sounded. We are about to march off.

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One Response to Stirring December

  1. cbholganza says:

    Habol ako sa attention call!!! Mister CQ, stop looking around, gardamut!


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